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Dear all,

You know that local market knowledge is critical to the success of your overseas operations. Whether you're evaluating potential local partners, seeking a new plant location, identifying optimal supplier chains or distribution channels, or simply looking for basic information on doing business Crimea or Ukraine, the Simferopol Consulting Centre is ready to serve you. Here you can find information on SCC consultants.


Critical Contacts: Sometimes it's not what you know but who you know that matters. That's why we've developed a network of critical contacts, both in business and government, and knowledge of the leading enterprises in Crimea to facilitate your entry into the Ukraine market. We can assist you with:

  • Making critical Ukrainian and Crimean business and government contacts 
  • Locating potential suppliers and distributors 
  • Identifying strategic local partners 

Market Entry and Development: Cracking a new market is never easy, especially one that is foreign to you. The success or failure of your venture depends immeasurably your strategies for market entry, penetration and development. SCC offers a sophisticated suite of market development services such as:

  • Conducting target market research 
  • Analyzing and evaluating market entry opportunities 
  • Developing local marketing strategies 
  • Creating supplier and distribution networks 
  • Designing local promotional campaigns
Information and Logistic Services: In business, knowledge is power. Knowledge acquisition is also the first step in developing a sustainable competitive advantage. Let us assist with information on: 
  • Navigating Ukraine's regulatory, tax and legal systems 
  • Providing important economic, political and cultural information 
  • Facilitating your business visit to Crimea with a full range of logistic services

Our experience - is experience of rapid implementation of small projects on which work extremely debugged and automated, and experience with large clients that require an individual approach.

The main services provided by the SCC:

Working-out of a business plans and other documents of the investment projects to potential investors and owners:

We provide you all the necessary documents that must accompany an investment project in Ukraine. It may just be a business plan, complete set of materials to work with an investor and owner or an internal feasibility study for the management of the corporation / owner. For each case, we proposed an approach and format of the project that best match business practices and industry standards.

Support for investment projects:

Once work on the business plan is completed, begin the long and difficult path of the project realization. We can provide language communication between a potential investor or owner and the staff of new established business in Ukraine. We will provide internal audit of the project is implemented, will provide control of the owner over the spending of funds, provide information on the company's financial situation in handy for the investor and the owner forms.

Express analysis of an investment projects:

Not always while business plan is preparing need assistance of the consultant. But when the project development is completed, we are ready to help you verify the accuracy and literacy of prepared the document. Our consultants quickly (the analysis takes 1-2 days) will become familiar with the project, noting its shortcomings, will provide recommendations to improve it.

Companies financial diagnostics :

We are implementing an electronic audit of enterprises using the databases of the enterprise (for example, form Ukrainian accounting software 1C) and are building financial models, actually reflects the activity of the enterprise. Our consultants will examine in detail the financial performance of the company and prepare a detailed report about the possible problems, the hidden potential and important factor for successful business development.

Working-out of the financial models for the owner or investor:

Our company has developed in recent years, more than 10 versions of software for the evaluation of investment projects and financial analysis of enterprises in different business areas. These programs are "attached" to the existing accounting and other types of statements. On the basis of these programs are modeled a detailed cash flow, income statement, calculation of the borrowing costs and the timing of their return, and other business indicators and forms.

Introduction of a unified methodology for assessing and adoption of investment projects in the company:

This service is relevant, especially for large enterprises, corporations and holding companies. We will help to build the whole system works with investment projects in the company: from the diagnosis of the current situation through the development of regulations to implement them. If the project moves into the practical stage, we provide training company, involved in working with investment projects, both managers and technical specialists.

ope for mutually beneficial cooperation

 Sincerely, Director of the SCC                                                         Vladimir Kudashev (+38 050 02-55-440)

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